Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Let it FLOW over you!!!

22nd of August, 2230, Rainy

There was a major LAVA flow in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
The good news was that the lava flow wasn't from the sleeping volcano, Mount Kinabalu
but from the very heart of our city, LAVA Resto Bar, which is located in Karamunsing Capital.

The LAVA inside the Resto Bar was too HOT that it causes to pour out to the entire city.
Do you wish to know why?

These are the reason,

You wouldn't want to mess with the Freestyle Trio

Virginity on the Freeze

This is a freakin mesh up, not a fucking mess up!!!

Lava Resto Bar doesn't own this stage, he does!

You don't know what is the Lava taste until you watch her Shakin it off your butt!

Shake the stage of Lava, Get you fly kicks~

The Lockin' Twins

The Lock-king is burning down the stage~

Kill that BEATS!!!

You know you guys are the best. Why? Because we always know that you are~ 

Can't you feel the heat?
Wouldn't you feel sad for missing out the Beats?
If you miss the LAVA flow on that night,
Don't worry, 
there is still chance for you 
to experience SODA and RE-UP crew by Synergy Dance Studio 
heating up the city again. 
Prepare your singlet and shorts for it,
because you guys gona sweat like a PIG!!!!


  1. i will check out lava next time when i get back in kk on jan......

  2. Aww, you mentioned pig. How sweet...lol!