Thursday, 22 September 2011

Again, My Another First Time

when thing doesn't happen according to what we have planned, 
it doesn't mean that is a bad thing. 
Maybe it just take it another way to do it. 

If things happen according to what we plan,
Indeed, we will feel a burst of joy and happiness within us,
because that is the thing that you have wished and wanted for.

if things doesn't happen to what we wish for,
at the same time,
we achieved something that is out of our expectation,
that piece of joy and happiness definitely will be overwhelming.

The photos below here are consider as my first shootout, 
maybe is just an Surprise Shootout,
which I have never planed for it,
but I'm glad to have such opportunity.

I used to be The only One

But not anymore, having a Rival is better than being The One
I'm the king of fist and you may not surpass me

You may be the best, But I will never give up 
EAT this!!!

Rival in the battle, Brother for life

And there I go

A true friend will never give up on you

I got your back.....

And finally

We gona do it again

and Again
I hope you guys and girls do enjoy these photos. 
No matter is good or bad,
I definitely will never give up and 
Do it Again and Again.

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