Monday, 19 September 2011


Rules are designed to be obeyed by us, Human.
Why do we need Rules?
Because of the poor judgement, selfishness and different thoughts of Human,
Rules are designed and created to prevent us, Human, to do the wrong deeds and mistake.
isn't Rules are designed and created by Human as well?

In some points,
some Rules are meant to be broken.
Perfection doesn't mean to achieve by getting everything right and in accordance.
Perfection is achieved by Imperfection.

Who says that shadow is black in colour,
Look at mine,
Doesn't it look better than only Black???

ps. Although I did mention some Rules are meant to be broken, 
it doesn't mean that I'm a Rules Breaker. 
We shouldn't restrict ourselves in a guided box.
Thinking out of the box 
allow us to achieve something different.
So let's BREAK some rules from now on.

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