Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ann, Expanding from 80GB to 1TB!!!

Someone used to tell me that
to achieve something great, 
you would have come along with a long journey.

14th of August, 2011, Night, Clear 
It was SDT 80GB expandable hard disk, Ann big big day,
(that day wasn't her largest day I think, that day will be her wedding I think, LOL),

Celebrating her birthday wasn't an easy things to do,
we have to drive a long long way from our usual hang out places to her places,
and somehow I failed to locate her house, which I was quite disappointed on myself, LOL,
but still we manage to get to her hideout with Ann's lead.

Although it was a long way to get there,
the night we spend at there is absolutely AWESOME.

Gathering together, 
without a purpose, 
could be a fun hangout,
but with a purpose,
it could be awesomely fun and excited. 
It was another wonderful night for my summer vacation in my hometown.

Thanks Ann, for inviting me to your Big Day,
I appreciate it very much. XD

The night was all started with THIS!!!!!!
When I stepped into Ann's house, even before start eating, I couldn't keep my eyes off from it.....
Some says that drinking this thing will only make you become dumber, as your BUTT is WISER than your brain.

If there is a party, you couldn't miss out without them.....
They are born to be part of it. LOLz
The EAT Machine

The DOG!!!!!

Why so Serious!!!

The Magician
BEER, is a fun thing to drink
but once you get into it
you got to take the TROPHY.
The SPARE TYREs are their TROPHY!!!

Beside getting your butt wise, there is an alternative......

 Of course,
a party couldn't be fun and excited at all without FRIENDS!!!

Dance Dance Revolution!!!
Ann's 21st Birthday Cake,
isn't that look so nice.

ps. LVK, please pay me advertisment fees. LOLz 

BreadBoss Production

 The Happiest and Cutest moment......
Isn't she look so CUTE and full of JOY at this moment~

Happy Birthday ANN,
Congratulation that you had made it through a quater of your life,
there is still a lot of undiscover waiting for you to discover,
all the best and good luck.

What do you think is she at this moment?? LOL

ps. Thank you to Sophia for lending me her Nikon D90 for taking all of these photo during that night.
I appreciate it very much.
And very sorry to ANN for being this late to post your photo.
Hope you wouldn't "mad" at me.

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