Friday, 14 October 2011

A Wonderful Date with Leica

It has been quite awhile since our last gathering.
I was so excited to hang out with them again,
this gathering are just only the few of us,
I do still enjoy my day with them.

Hanging out with them
there's always a lot of surprises and secrets reveal from them
without regarding bad or good.

In this gathering,
beside meeting up with my old mates, 
I have a wonderful date too,
her name is Leica D-Lux 4.

Although I do knew her at early days,
I never have a chance to really look into her and share my feelings with her.
And that day,
I did it.
Knowing her, 
was just like meeting up my friends,
She has given me a lot of surprise and secrets of it too. 

Thanks Joey, for bringer her out to let us know each other.
I appreciate it very much,
I do hope you will appreciate her and bring her out whenever you are going out. XD

First hand, First Shoot..... 
When Leica meet up with Minolta 
More offer, more to drink....

One of the symptom that caused by 21st century technology


The girl that fall in love with something that taste bitter and sweet at the same time.

Hot n Cold

p.s: This Leica is not the Leica from Liew family, 
please do not mix up.
She is adorable and loving.
Leica from Liew Family is incredibly cute and fun.
I wish I could know more about Leica Liew as well. 

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