Monday, 21 November 2011

The Originality

It wasn't long for me to step into photography,
Although my first camera is a Digital Camera,
I found that I am more attracted to Films rather than Digital.
This thing is weird, 
I don't own an Analogue Camera,
But I'm damn freaking like it.
Maybe is because of its fully manual setting, 
or maybe is because of its heavy body,
or maybe is because of its surprise you will get after developing it.
You ask me why do I like it,
I really got no answer nor reason for it.
I just like it.
and I'm Loving it.

Went to a church event, 
Thanks Sophia for inviting me.
A shot for Soflipia and her dearest brother, Amos

Believe me or not, 
although there is a guy behind there with naked upper body,
he is no match with his cool to be KIDO.
Awesome kid

Two sickos for analogue and lomo camera

These two kids are just so adorable.

Hi Pentax,
I'm Minolta,
Nice to meet you.

When was your last time playing sand and building sand castle with your friends?
You ask me,
I really got no idea,
But then, 
I just did it. 

There is a famour 7 now,
and that is David Beckham,
Somehow not far from the future,
There will be another Famour 7,
and that is

Sean the Flipper?
or the Breadboss?

The SS Duo
SS mean Sean & Sophia,
not Syok Sendiri.

Tree, Blue Sky, Sunlight, Beaches, Sea, Cloud
When was your last time to have such combination?
Find a day,
take a rest,
go somewhere far,
let yourself back to the Nature,
and feel it.
And that is what I call Relax.

I miss the time we used to hang together,
How about you?

This is what I call Triple S, SSS
Sean and his SuperSampler

Drinking alone is not pity,
Having your lunch or dinner alone is not pathetic,
Being alone doesn't mean that you are a Loner.
You just prefer yourself ,
You love yourself more than any other.
That's isn't so bad at all. 
At least you still being love,
and that is you.

In this modern age,
There is always a lot of things are being created to improve and convenient us.
But somehow,
I think I'm still kinda stick to the Old School.
No matter what I see, what I do, what I learn,
somehow, I think that old school stuffs are always more attracted to me.
You can call me a nostalgic dude,
but, I think I kinda like it. 
And there is no reason for me to stop being it. 
I'm an Old-School-er, I have passion on it, 
and I damn like it.

p.s. There is someone I need to thanks,
without his help,
I wouldn't have so much passion in Films,
and all of these photo will not being developed and scanned.
Thanks Skyler.
I love you man.
I know this is gay,
But I think he might like it.

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