Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Opposite Side of The Mainland

After awhile of short break from my previous travel in Zhang Jia Jie,
I'm off to the next travel.
And yeah,
This is the trip that I have been anticipated since last semester.
I was given a chance to step into the legendary beer city of China,
Green Island (QingDao)

You might can't find the name Green Island, 
because it was given by me.
The reason for me to call it this way,
because it sound better,
which I prefer more over than the direct translation.
But on the other hand,
There is another main reason for me to call it that way.

it has always been given us a feeling of relaxation and pollution free.
Most of the people come to China,
they always think that the big cities are always full of people, 
crowded with a bunch of head moving around by looking from the far side.
The moving pace is like a hundred or even thousand times faster than my hometown.

Green Island is a big city in ShangDong province.
But she doesn't consists of what I have mentioned at above.
She is an entirely opposite of the big city in China. 

Is so much harder for me to explain it by words to you at here,
because obviously,
I'm not a very good writer at all.
So I will prefer to show you my feeling and experienced through my third eye. 
And this is what all my three eyes told me.

There she is, GREEN ISLAND!!!!!

The very first day,
people at here are just like this mother and kid.
no doubt that most of the people at here are just so relax.

A lock,
to prevent us from knowing the truth?
Or perhaps,
just to preserve the Originality.


Work to earn a living
living to earn a works???

I don't know where should I head to,
it doesn't matter,
life isn't as short as you think,
spending more time on finding what you like to do 
rather than
doing something that you doesn't like at all.

You might have a BMW,
but hey,
I got a BMX for myself.
Although it doesn't has four wheels like yours,
it do help me save a lot money than you do,
and I can do enjoy a little bit more on every journey that I travel.

An island,
of course,
it wouldn't be right without visiting it beaches.
You might think that in such cold temperature,
the beach will be as empty as south pole,
in that case,
you are totally wrong,
even kids like to hang out at beach at this cold weather,
and why not me.

Getting change and move up,
you probably will think that is that possible. 

forgot to mention, the weather is around 7-9 degree Celsius.

A big shoes not only can keep us warm in this kind of weather,
it do help us to stand still,
on whatever things that we believe in.

Sharing a same hobby with your own friend,
there is nothing much more fun than that.


The end of Autumn, The beginning of Winter 
There is always new beginning when there is an end.

This place is being called 八大關.
The name was being given so 
is because this place is used to be living by the most powerful generals between end of Qing Dynasty and China Civil War.
Due to be the general living mansion, 
all the things at here such as,
street, mansions, beaches and etc,
are very luxury and sophisticated.
Children from the school are given a chance to walk around this area during their break time everyday.

You can even notice that a lot of people like heading to this place to do their photo shoot.
because is just way too beautiful
and so not China.

I know probably most of you guys will think my name is Garfield.
But I'm NOT!!!
I'm fat doesn't mean that I'm him.
but still, 
you look so adorable and fluffy. 

Before I'm saying anything,
most of you guys will think that this is a Nikon advertisements.
The truth is, 
it isn't.
This is only a random shot by myself.
But hey,
it does make a good Nikon advertisements. 

Besides of its living paces and less crowded criteria that make it different from most of China cities,
One of the special things about Green Island is their building structure.
And because of its building structure,
it made me felt like I had gone to European country.
China was once being slice and cut like dividing pork in the market by most of the western countries, 
as I think you guys know what I'm talking about,
and Green Island, was being slice and divided to Germany.
Somehow I think maybe that's the reason why this city is being call beer city and it building look so much like European style,
it might be related to its history. LOLz
I just assumimg........

This is our lovely Youth Hostel,
although it is written as YOUTH hostel,
there isn't much of youngster living at here.
I thought I had been staying in an elderly day care center.

But there is still some fun part,
you know what I mean right? 

prevent is always better than cure.

Would you like to play with me??

Finding a hobby is always better than nothing to do, 
to get out from your boring life,
find yourself a hobby.

Before leaving this relaxing place,
we took our one last walk around in this city at night. 
It was quite a good walk although is quite a long journey,
at least I got a chance to experience something different at here that you hardly can find it in China.

Although there are some disappointment from this beautiful city,
such as,
giving us a warm beer in a bar, 
as we didnt tell him that we needed the cold one;
the city is so quiet that it doesn't have much activity at night,
perhaps because of the freezing weather, most of the people had gone back home to rest.
It still a very good place to hang out to.
It might not a very good as a traveling spot,
but she definitely is a very good place to chill and relax from a big and busy city like Guangzhou.
If you do feel like you want to take a break,
this is a great choice for you.

p.s. This is only the part one of my trip,
stay tuned for the next episode. 

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