Friday, 12 August 2011

PARTY can't live without PLAY

What is the most important element of a Party??
Is it the Food??
Or the Drinks?
Or perhaps the People??
Let's put it another way, 
What kind of the party that is interesting and fun that you would like to go again?? 


Playing the nice song, Playing the hot musics, Playing the magnificent show, Playing with your delicious food, Playing with your irresistible drinks and of course, Playing with your beloved friends
After all,
is just all about PLAY

This is Skyler, to those that who may not know about him, he is a tremendous Storyteller.

Thanks Skyler, for giving me such opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge, 
I appreciate it very much.

p.s. Thanks for the filter flash as well, that is an awesome stuff. XD

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