Saturday, 13 August 2011

"You want 做 King?!" - Ah Fu

Laziness and Lateness are the most of the reasons that cause crimes activity, 
perhaps not that serious, 
maybe just some illegal activity. 

Recently, there was a dancer from a DOG crew has been spoted illegal parking 
due to his lateness for the movie 
and laziness on going up to the parking lot. 

You know who is this....

Officer Ah Fu on duty

You know what it is......

dancers of SDT crew, Re-UP crew and Soda crew, 
you guys better think twice before doing any stupid decision, 
because there is a new department in the house, 
Synergy Notorious Saman Department
for short which is,

so you guys better

p.s. this is not the girls group from Korea, 
it is a male officer group from Borneo
I know you guys gona LIKE us very much

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