Friday, 16 December 2011

A Favour from a Buddy~

A very busy month in Jinan University.
Or maybe we should call it the Graduation Photo Shoot Season.
Mostly everyone that having their 4th year in Jinan will be very excited and anticipating. 

Every weekend of December,
you can see a lot of students wearing their graduation cloth in every corner of our school campus.
All of their family and friends will be gathering together with them to capture every moments and every memories that they have in this very place.

I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend, 
my best friend,
to be his photographer.
Although I wasn't long enough in this field,
I was very glad that he believe in me 
and given me a chance to capture the best moments of him and his family.

There he is, my best buddy in Jinan for 3 years. 

Or you can say that he is one of my PIG DOG FRIENDS. 

The main gate
Thanks dad, 
without you,
I wouldn't have a chance to go through this door.

The Main Teaching Building
I have been fighting in this building for three and a half years.
One more semester to go,
I won't give up.

And this is Snow,
she is the one who freeze my heart only to her.

or you could call her Patsy as well. 

The Alpha Male of Wu Family

Do you still remember that we used to go to class together?

Do you think our kid should come to this school again next time? 

Hi, I'm snow, you can call me Patsy as well. 

No matter how far are you at, Family is always closer to you than you can imagine.

Hey dad, do you think I can be like him after graduated?

Dear Lil bro, 
don't try to be like somebody,
you have to believe that you can be somebody.

I'm a brave kid,
I don't afraid of you,
because I got an uncle that love me so much.

And of course,
my daddy as well. 

with mommy, Grandma, Grandpa and snow.
I'm the most lucky kid in the world.

Bwai: When was the last time you been here?
Snow: I got no idea. How about you?
Bwai: Me either, LOL
Oh yeah, this is our school library.

 I know today is your day,
but still,
I'm the star of the day. 

Wu family,
they all LIKE book.

Maybe not mommy. 

Perhaps the hall is my favorite,
which I enjoy movie at here all the time.

Thank you brother,
I know that you have done a lot for me.
You will always be my bestest brother.
Your son will just like my son,
Your wife, of course, is only for you.

Because I already got SNOW

Snow: Yeah, you got me or you NEED me?
I wonder how can he live without me. 

After all,
I knew that my family will always be by my side and catch upon me from the back.
Thank you for everything that you have given to me.
I promised that
 I will always be 
your good son, 
your good brother, 
your good uncle 
and your good lover.

Okay Uncle,
I know today is your big day,
but now is my turn to be Star.


I want to be like LION KING!!!!!

I think I will still stick to be myself. 

Bwai: Come, give uncle a kiss.
BB: Hmmpphhh, I don't want.

Bwai: How about I buy you a Thomas Train?
BB: Okay Okay (reluctantly)

Bwai: hahaha.....yeah, I got it.
BB: Herh....You better bring me my Thomas Train after this. 

Doggie Doggie, 
where are you?

You see, 
told ya, 
I'm gona be the Star of the day. 
So many pretty girls like me.
Don't jealous of me, Uncle.

Uncle, you bought me the Thomas Train already right??
Where is it? Where is it?

Like Grandpa, Like Grandson.

Oh my god, not AGAIN!!!!

Bwai: BB, look over there.
BB: NO......I want Thomas Train......

I'm still a kid, okay?
Please put away your dirty hand sign,
I don't want to look at it.

Thank you jie jie,
I like your Chocolate and Cookies very much.

Bwai: Ahhh....give me a bite.
BB: AHHHHH......this is my cookies. Go away......

Hello everyone,
My name is 天逸,
nice to meet you.

It was a very Happy Day for Wu Family,
as they finally could witness their son to graduate.
Although it was quite a short session,
it was quite a joy to hang out with his family.
The way they speak, 
to express their love to each of their family members,
is truly funny and loving at the same time. 
Thank you Bwai,
for giving me such opportunity to sharpen my skills and Technic,

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