Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tai Shan, Worthy Experience VS Unexpected Disappoinment

After having a relaxing trip in the Legendary City of Beer,
it was time to buckle up ourselves to do some hard work.
Hard work??
What does that mean??
Having tons of assignments?
Working hard in the GYM?
Preparing hard for your exam?
Actually we were just hitting up the mountain,
Tai Shan,
which is one of the famous mountain in ShanDong.
Although it isn't as high as, 
as famous as, 
as cold as, 
as challenging as,
any other mountain in China,
it was quite a tiring and yet enjoyable mountain walking trip.

Oh yeah,
forgot to mention that,
we started to hit the mountain around 1630,
which the place turned dark around 1700.
At first I was like,
What the HELL, are we really gona make it up to the mountain at night??
I was thinking like kinda impossible thing to do it.
But hey,
I just did it and it was hell of a fun.
This is the reason which make the trip more meaningful and enjoyable.

Along the whole staircase walk,
we can barely look at our front side as the fog and darkness had cover our eyes up.
So it was quite frightening and exciting in the whole journey. 

And luckily I bring up the torchlight which given by my Dad when I was in my Hometown.
It was very damn useful in a trip,
You guys should get one too, 
because you wouldn't know what gona happen next. 

And here is where the journey started 

You can notice that there are pretty much of this kind of hawker along the road up to the mountain.
And the good things about this place is,
they open up 24/7, 
so you guys wont starve to die on your way up.

After accomplished our walk onto the top of the mountain,
it was around 1930.
The bad things about our whole trip are, 
the freaking SUCKS hotel which got no heater at all,
We couldn't achieve what we wanted to achieve in this whole trip,
which is witnessing the beautiful sunrise from the top of mountain.
this incident really do kill me down.
I was well prepared and had high expectation for this whole journey.
But thing wasn't just happen according to your plan,
and that is what it sucks.

Barely capture down following photos,
all are operated by manual focus,
during that time,
how I wish that I could have a pair of nightvision goggles.
But it was still a fun experience to do that.

I think the temperature around that time is around 1~2 degree Celsius. 
You got no idea how SUFFERING we are on top of there. 

Along of this whole journey, 
we are accompany with our lovely friends
who like to Delighting You Always 
and Nikon,
who like to stay At the Heart of the Image.

But lucky for us was that,
when we are on our journey down from the mountain,
the sky started to be clear and the sun started to shine.
It was a great chance for us to capture down what we had miss during our walking up last night.
I was still quite enjoy with what I did at that time.
At least,
it allow me to have a better look at this beautiful scenery and capture it down.

It was fun and good to see a lot of enthusiast who come all the way just for capturing good images like us.

Chinese will never give up on any chance on making their own business,
no matter how bad is the situation is.
They just gona bring it up and walk all the way up to here to earn a living.

Many people ask me that whether the toilet in China was still like old school?
Dig a hole, squeeze your shit out, hole full, then bury it and find another location for the new toilet.
At here I'm gona tell you guys,
it was so much better than you can imagine,
even better than some major KK public toilet.
You guys should feel ashamed at yourself if you still think that CHINA got an OLD SCHOOL TOILET. 

I will not give up and I'm gona take the mountain down......

No matter how long the walk are,
how tiring I am,
how cold is the temperature,
I will still stop down and take out my precious to share the beautiful things with her.

She is one of the stars in this mountain,
or maybe should I said MODEL.
She is really good in giving out poses. 

And here come another tiny tigress with a split personality.

And along with a FIERCE white tiny TIGER. 

And of course, 
it wouldn't just the TIGERS who caught all the attention,
here come the man's best friends.
He just look so confidence. 
and he make think of Leica Liew,
which I miss it so much.

Even a primary school kid not gona give up on what they think is kinda impossible for them to do.
So what the hell are you stop-ing at there,
take your ass up and continue on what you believe in.

This whole place is indeed a paradise,
The mother nature has done a great job on bringing us such a beautiful scenery.
How I wish I could stay awhile more at there,
even though for just another minutes,
at least I really do think that I'm in Paradise.

We had been walking for 3 hours,
and we only reach the half of the mountain.
So we just stop by and take a rest and replenish ourselves with something nice.....

After a short rest,
it was time to continue on our journey down to the mountain,
Although it was in the middle of day,
which was the highest temperature of the whole day,
I still couldn't take off my gloves and jacket.
Can you imagine how cold is that?
But it still a bit warm at the same time when you look at the Shining Sun,
At least is warm in my heart.

In this very century,
even trees are being tagged despite of their incapable of doing so.
How about Human??
Because of this modern society,
Probably you have tagged and been tagged by or others without your own conscious.

It wasn't really that bad if I was given a chance to live at here,
at least I'm able to enjoy a very blue skies and refreshing air at here,
especially in this very place, CHINA.

No matter how hard you try to heal the wound,
when time goes by,
it will still shatter again.
And you will realizes that the wound is still at there,
probably forever and ever.
Just appreciate what do you have now,
chase it, grab it, and hold it.

You might able to cover up what you are now,
but when times flies,
the leaves that cover up of what you are are gona fly as well.
Be true to everything, everyone, 
at anywhere, anytime.
Just be yourself. 

A bricks might seems useless as it couldn't do much of help.
But the story will change if there is A tons of Bricks.
Because it can do more than just help,
it might even can protect and support you at the same time. 

we had reach the bottom of the mountain,
which mark a full stop on our whole Tai Shan journey.
Although we took only 3 hours more to reach the top,
we had taken about double the hours to go down.
Because she just gave us a lot of reason of not going down fast and end the whole journey.
This place is magnificent.
I definitely will go back again to accomplish what I haven't accomplish at there. 

It was a fucking damn tired journey,
but it really worth more than what I have expected.
Despite of the unexpected disappointment,
it still a very worthy experience.
Good Job my friends,
We did it.

p.s: You guys might think that what in the hell that we will do hard work in a vacation?
Wasn't suppose that travelling is to relax ourselves?
The truth is,
I like sight-seeing travelling rather than big cities with tons of advance technology.
That wasn't a vacation for me at all.
Some of them even said that I'm kinda like oldies who like to do something like that.
But hey,
who care,
that is what I like to do 
and that is what DEFINE me as well.

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