Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Something Worth to Keep and Share With!!!!

Before continuing my story on ShanDong Trip,
there is something that I wanted to share with you all.
And that is Graduation Shootout.
Although I was suited up with formal attire, wearing on a Graduation Cloth, putting up a Square Hat.
I wasn't really graduate yet.
The reason is,
very simple,
it is kinda impossible to ask us to take these photo during our graduation ceremony,
which is during the fucking hot summer, JUNE.
If you asked to do so,
I would rather to jump into the sea.

In my class,
many students has prepared for so long just only for this day.
On diet, keep fit, tailor made suits, finding photographer, etc.
Although it wasn't our graduation ceremony on that day,
there is a lot of student's parents and family came,
you can tell that by their face that they are so proud and fill with happiness to see their son and daughter at there.
If I wasn't have to be on that stage on that day,
I would like to take it down all this precious moment with my camera.
The moments of proud and Happiness. 
That is hardly to find around this place.

Of course.
I'm gona share with you all with my craziness and happiness on that day.
Hope you guys will like it.

This is exactly how do I look like on that day,
I think I only got once chance to suit up like this.

You might wonder how can I get such photo, because I got a FUCKING WIDE ANGLE lens.
Spot my location.

She is the first person who ask me to take photo with.
Is my pleasure.

This guy here,
is my 豬朋狗友,
Thanks to him, 
I got a beer belly.

This is just too awesome,
I like it very much!!!

This is his signature sign

He is one of the Malaysian dude in my class, 
together we are the Malaysian DUDES.

Finally she is taller than me for 3 seconds.
The facts is,
she is only 152cm,
I think so.

He seems like kinda enjoy being in the middle. XD

Allen, my best buddy in my class.
And we share the same hobby,
which is photography. 

we are the Three musketeers of 08IET.

Poor little girl,
we are just joking around.
Please don't be mad.

They are trying to be Jack and Rose in Titanic.
But I think they did it in a GAY way.

They are my first friends since I came to Guangzhou 4 years ago,
After all these years,
we are still the same.
Thanks for being my friends.

Please don't being fool by their innocent look,
if you want to find 劈酒kaki,
let me know, 
I will arrange them for you guys.
They are willing to take every challenge as long as there is alcohol. 

Thank you very much for your flower,
although I do mention that you don't need to bring gift instead of yourself. 

This is the guy from Madagascar who call 東仔。

He is Mr. FIT KING, 
chest as big as a tupperware box. 

Tomatoes pizzeria, Cisha Kaki. hahahaha.....

He think he look cool in here. LOLz

This is a United Nation photo, don't doubt about it. XD

I'm doing this stand is because it used to be her signature stand. XD

You won't believe how big is her eyes unless you see her in real person,
she is a gold fish in human form.
but still, 
her reflex action is kinda slow. LOLz

Jeff, the ABC. LOLz

Yong Neng and Caren, thanks for coming.

They said I was so busy that day that they couldn't take a photo with me,
so I just walk to them and take with them by myself,
Don't say I didn't it with you guys. XD


After lunch, 
we still couldn't stop taking photo around our campus. 

This is something fun from my second GF, Tokina 11~16mm F2.8. 

His facial expression is just so hilarious. XD

GYM kaki!!!!! lolz

My last photo of that day. It just feel so fun to play with my camera. XD

And this is Yong Neng,
thank you for helping me taking such wonderful photos.
Thanks a lot man, I owe you. 

p.s. At the end of the day,
 I just realized that I didn't take much of photos with my friends on that day.
But that is fine,
because I got all the memories of these 4 years in my mind.
And all of these photos are taken by my new GF,
Tokina 11~16mm F2.8.
She is fucking awesome,
I'm loving it.
And once again thank you to Yong Neng,
for helping me in the whole morning. 

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