Thursday, 26 July 2012

新疆, I Love My Family

This will be the last part of my Xinjiang travel.
In this post,
I wouldn't show you anymore about the scenery, the new experience and the street.
This is just a simple post of my family portrait that I capture along the trip. 

My family,
My dad, my mom and my sister.
Thank you for bringing me and being part of this family.
Thank you for your feeding, your toleration,  your patient, your giving and your love as well.
Because of you,
I can only have the opportunity 
to finish my primary school, secondary school and university as well.
to have such comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.
to do what I like to do.
to travel around places.
to capturing every moments of life. 
to do whatever I have done in the past 22 years. 
Thank you everything that you have given to me. 

I am a no good speaker,
especially in front of my family.
But that doesn't make me forget what you guys have done to me.
Like my sister said,
although we didn't present much of our thankfulness and gratefulness in front of you,
I will still always aware and remember everything that you have done and given to me.
I love you,
Daddy, Mommy and Sister.
I love my Family.

Kuntag Desert 
Tiring and yet Exciting desert experience

it really hot like hell but we still wouldn't miss our family portraiture

Beautiful scenery with a Beautiful Family

all of us are just so excited with the breathtaking view

Hemu Village
It was a long and tiring walking up to here.
but the view is really stunning from this point of view

Lake Kanas
My dad stand like listening to national anthems. LOL

Lake Kanas Again
We really do enjoy the weather and temperature of that moment.
As well as the scenery. 

Salimu Lake
Family portraiture on the highest lake of China

Nalati Grassland in Yili
A place that my family and I would never forget.
Is just so comfortable and relax to be at there.

And we can't stop enjoying it by being there

And last but not least,
a photo with our tour group.
It has been a fun and awesome trip with them.

I am very thankful and grateful that my family came here for my graduation ceremony.
And yet,
giving me such an enjoyable and fruitful trip before my graduation.
Thank you 
I really appreciate it very much. 

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