Thursday, 5 July 2012

新疆,My New Experience (The Road)

I believe that if you are reading this post now, 
you surely have already taken a look at my previous one.
which is about the beautiful scenery of my dreamland, Xinjiang 新疆.
Of course, capturing the perfect moment of the scenery is an essential,
but somehow along this trip, I have captured something that I didn't even realize it until I take a look at all of my photos an the end of the trip.
The photo surprisingly shocking beautiful, at least to me, I don't know what you guys gonna think about it.
But I really do like it and I have thought that why would I never try something like this before in my travelling journey.
This part of my sharing is about The Road.
The road that I have walked through to reach my destination in the trip.

This little steep walk in dessert,
it might look short in distant,
but it took my breath away for just walking or even climbing  this little short distant up to the hill.
But like I said earlier, 
it worth the hard work on climbing it.

This road had allowed me to travel by and stand on it to capture the beautiful moments of Sky Lake, 天池.

The little wood walkway
to discover the inner beauty of 五彩灘.

The lighthouse walkway,
even though I didn't reach to the lighthouse due to the shortage of time,
I was still able to travel half of it the discover the another angle of 五彩灘.

The Village of Hemu, Kanas
This road doesn't seems much useful to the local because most of them travel on horses.
It seems like nothing special on this road, 
but I do walk on it just to visit the village from the spot we were dropped. 

The Vantage Point of Hemu Village
This wasn't really the main road that lead to the vantage point of the whole Hemu Village,
But somehow it attracted me to travel on it and I just realize that this is an old road that people use to pass by.

The bridge
This is the only shot of bridge I got in the entire trip.
The upper level is for horses to travel,
and the lower level is for people.

Lake Kanas Sideways
All my awaiting for the blue and clearly sky was done at here.
It was a bit chill during that time, but it really do worth it.

Lake Kanas Stairways 
The tall trees, the people, the staircase, 
it just captured my attention when I look up in this way.
And I just like it. 

The little walkway bridge of Lake Kanas
To be honest, 
this is so far one of the favourite shot that I have ever done it before.
Just something personal to me. 
It just make me feel so calm and peaceful when I'm looking at it. 

Salimu Lake's Roadway 
This is the biggest and highest lake in China. 
The road is rounded the whole lake so that it could allow us to travel by bus.
It took us for 3-4 hours to travel the whole lake.

The Peak View of Salimu Lake
It took me a little times to travel the staircase up to here to witness the enormous Salimu Lake. 
Because of the high altitude, it kinda took my breath away once again just to walk up to here.
But like I said, 
It definitely worth it.

The Road to Nalati Grassland
When I took off from the bus,
the first thing I did was to capture the beautiful grassland scenery.
I used lot of times on capturing the scenery of this grassland.
But when the time is up,
We were being called to get back onto the bus.
At this moment, I only discover the beauty of this road.
And it only took one shot for me to capture it.
And this is it.
One of my favourite shots of all time.   

The end road of discovery of Nalati Grassland
We weren't allow to travel further as it is a protection are of national forest and grassland.
So at here,
it marked the end of my discovery.
And this is the last place I can to discover in this trip.
The bright and the dark side of the road. 

Part of this experience is being inspired by my sister.
When she travel along side with me,
I notice that she got a habit of capturing down the walkways,
so when I look back to all my photos,
this part of the experience are influenced by her.
It is quite another experience for me to do so.
And I found out that it quite miraculously beautiful.
I don't know whether do you have the same feeling as I am,
But it just feel so good to share something that is new and beautiful with you all.
I hope you guys like it like I do.

ps. this is the 2nd part, there are more to come.
please stay tune

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